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I just built myself a kitchen chandelier based on Lindsey Adelman's "You make it chandelier".


Unfortunately it's not possible to build it with brass parts available in Austria but ordering it at "GrandBrass" to Europe worked smoothly.

Things to take care off are:

  • Don't order the bulbs in the US if you want to use them in Europe due to different voltages.
  • Not sure what European standards think about connecting wires using wire nuts - fortunately luster terminals fit as well in the quite tight spaces.
  • Delivery took 13 days and I had to pay additional 39 EUR for custom duties and handling.
  • If you want the chandelier with nickel pipes and brass parts (as in most pictures) you have to search for the parts on your own on the GrandBrass website. The readymade kits there are either all nickel or all brass.
  • The sockets in the kit are call E-26 which is fortunately identical to the sockets we call E-27 in good ole Europe.
  • It's a bit complicated to find nice looking bulbs for E-27 with low wattage if you'd want to avoid the chandelier using overall 300 watts. In that case consider using E-27 to E-14 adapters and bulbs like these

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Freitag, Jän 24, 2014

My first Mac: Performa 5200 #Mac30 twitter