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Thursday, Oct 26, 2000

"About a month and a half ago, I received the following equipment for evaluation:
A Power Mac G4 Cube
A 22-inch apple Cinema Display " http://arstechnica.com/re…
  • auch das klingt gut:
    "Napster for the mac does run under mac os x, though at this time, is unsupported. You will be running Napster under OS X at your own risk.
    Support is planned for OS X, once we have development tools. We hope this is resolved quickly, and look forward to taking advantage of this outstanding OS." http://www.napster.com/ma…
  • auch schoen http://www.intro.de/ - schoene texte ueber schone musik - und schoene videos gibts als real-files - ach is das schoen!
  • lehrreich - http://wortschatz.informa…