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Tuesday, Dec 26, 2000

"There is no foot pain so severe, no dress shoe so fragile, no commute so arduous, as to justify the sartorial holocaust that is wearing sneakers with a suit.
Unless you have a harelip or happen to be Wilford Brimley, you look exactly half as attractive with a mustache.
In a pinch, paper clips can be used in place of collar stays.
In a pinch, paper clips cannot be used in place of missing eyeglass screws.
If you can slip two fingers between your neck and the buttoned collar of a new dress shirt, the shirt will fit comfortably after laundering.
No level of fitness justifies wearing a tank top in public.
Three-hundred-sixty-dollar shoes will not last your whole life if you break their backs by refusing to use a shoehorn.
Women notice shoes.
They also notice nose hair; so should you.
Neckties decorated with cartoon characters, golf tees, or the paintings of dead rock musicians coordinate with nothing.
It is never acceptable to loosen your tie, except during the process of its removal.
Good shoes and a good haircut matter more than a great suit."
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