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Monday, Feb 26, 2001

""VIVA und VIVA 2 werden entlassungsfrei zu einer Content Fabrik zusammengelegt" - http://fm4.orf.at/trishes… "der oesterreichische frauenminister, richtet im frauenministerium eine abteilung fuer maenner ein" - http://www.orf.at/orfon/0…
"Last week my phone rang. It was my mother ... and she was upset.
"Tony!" she exclaimed, "I just came from the coffee shop and there's an [adjective omitted] man down there who says NASA never landed on the Moon. Everyone was talking about it ... I just didn't know what to say!"
That last bit was hard to swallow, I thought. Mom's never at a loss for words." (http://spacescience.com/h…)