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Thursday, Mar 29, 2001

"Da werden Sie geholfen - Nextra Customer Care - wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfragen"
fluege von innsbruck direkt nach rom gibts nicht
fluege von zuerich nach rom sind fast ausgebucht
fluege sind nur bis 31.3. billig
fleuge sind ab 1.4. teuer
dornbirn (8:46 ) - innsbruck Hbf (11:28) - Bologna C.le (16:48) - Roma Termini (19:30)
"APL is fascinating to use. It has sometimes been called addictive. A number of businessmen who were introduced to APL at a meeting were so turned on by the ability to do interesting and productive work in a very short time that they stayed up most of the night working at the terminals exploring their new found power! Experiences like these are commonplace and have changed attitudes about computers. "
"APL is an interactive, fast, powerful and terse computing language"
"APL is usually learned, not taught. Case after case has been told of people who picked up APL ability on their own, often after hours, often on "bootleg" projects which later became highly approved by management. " http://www.acm.org/sigapl…