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Saturday, Apr 14, 2001

"Paul Rand" - phaidon press - (isbn:0714839949) https://nt2.headland.co.u… bzw. http://www.phaidon.com/
"Pause: 59 Minutes of Motion Graphics" - laurence king publishing - (isbn:1856691003) http://www.laurence-king.… bzw. http://www.laurence-king.…
lobend seien auch die websites beider verlaegshaeuser zu erwaehnen (vor allem lk)
"Unless you are dealing with some form of hardware interface beyond the norm (for example, embedded systems) or massively multi-user, then odds are you are working in a deterministic system. It might be an incredibly complex one, but decide up front whether it is a deterministic system or not, and never let that thought leave your head. In a deterministic system, all bugs are reproducible, and there is always logic. You just haven't found it yet.
2. It's all ones and zeroes. Remind yourself of this occasionally. You know that removing a print statement should not cause a bug to disappear, but the compiler doesn't care. Think like the computer. I used to love tracking down null pointers in C because it's such a simple, raw error: "Some register has a 0 in it that should't. Find the 0, find the register, find who loaded the register with that 0. Done." "