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Tuesday, Apr 17, 2001

Bruce's Law #68: All books should include an ASCII table. Even romance novels.
http://www.xmlrpc.com/the… helden braucht das web! - "Freeing the web with remote procedure calls!!! He's faster than a speeding bully... stronger than a hailstorm... able to leap OS obstacles with a single spec!"
"The notion that this is mostly about sex is nonsense. The vast majority of our customers have little or no interest in it."
Steve Case, founder and chairman of aol,Tue, 01 Oct 1996, Washington Post
http://www.officeclippy.c… - die arme papierklammer (clippy) is nun angesichts der glorreichne office-xp features arbeitslos (office-xp ohne clippy! rindswurst ohne rindsfleich!) - und MS sucht nach sympathie und kunden - http://www.officeclippy.c…