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Wednesday, Aug 1, 2001

a) Xan·a·du: An idyllic, beautiful place, after Xanadu, a place in Kubla Khan a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (zum glueck wohn ich in einem gutsortiertem literaturwissenschafts-haushalt um mich sofort dem werke coleridge's zu widmen
b) XANADU: abbreviation for Xenon, Argon, and Neon Association of Downtown Utica
was a small group at Intel that was FORCED to work on Macs, because
they were the ones producing the artwork for all of the little
plastic stickers that said "Intel Inside" that used to get stuck on
the back or bottom of your computer at the manufacturer."
Flash/Shockwave = 4.14% - somit knapp hinter JAVA aber vor I-Frames und PNGs (http://www.securityspace.…)