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Thursday, Oct 18, 2001

meine netzwerkkarten-probleme haben sich mittlerweile auf die frage - "wie um himmels willen lautet die i/o address meiner netzwerkkarte?" bzw. "verdammt wie krieg ich die iIo adresse raus?"reduziert
"1) Macromedia is releasing new Shockwave Player installers for both web downloads and for licensees of the standalone installer.<
2) The Web installer NO LONGER INCLUDES Macromedia Flash Player. This is every platform (Win & Mac).
3) The standalone installer still includes Flash Player and will install it EXCEPT when the installer detects that the install is taking place on a WinXP machine. In this case, Flash Player will not be installed.
Why are we doing this?
Macromedia Flash Player 5 has been bundled with the current OEM and future retail Windows XP distributions based on a recent partnership between Macromedia and Microsoft. Unfortunately, although Flash Player is not a system file, the Flash Player 5 active x control, swflash.ocx, was placed in the protected system file catalog. This means that any attempts to update or overwrite this file will generate an XP warning message:
"A file replacement was attempted on the protected system file. To maintain system stability, the file has been restored to the correct Microsoft version. If problems occur with your application, please contact the application vendor for support."
The message may also prompt the user to insert their original XP media. This is a false error message since as noted earlier Flash is not a system file. Microsoft is aware of the issue.
Please note: The issue only affects XP systems and does not affect system stability in any way. It is a user-experience issue only."