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Sunday, Nov 18, 2001

"Geburtsort von Maus, Notebook und Ethernet | Alan Kay und seine "learning research group" | Grafisches Interface, "NoteTaker" oder objektorientiertes Programmieren | Adele Goldberg, Smalltalk-"Evangelist", im Interview | Heute um 22.30 Uhr in matrix"
"The subdirectories in this "polyworld" area contain the source code for the PolyWorld ecological simulator, designed and written by Larry Yaeger, and Copyright 1990-1994 by Apple Computer." - ftp://ftp.apple.com/research/neural/polyworld/
"The Shared Info Server (SIS) is a service that provides a simple object database model designed to contain dynamic, ephemeral information. The server informs interested clients of changes to database values for which they previously registered. SIS provides a unique platform for prototyping awareness and other groupware applications on the macintosh by providing easy-to-use push technology for both applescript and java clients." - ftp://ftp.apple.com/research/sis/, http://www.acm.org/sigs/s…