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Wednesday, Nov 21, 2001

dasklingt nach killerappliaktion! - "iTunes Remote version 1.2 is now available and features numerous small fixes, enhanced support for iTunes 2, more user control over iTunes Remote, and adds the ability to control iTunes over an appletalk network for users of Mac OS9. See the "Read Me" in the download for more." - http://homepage.mac.com/b… (und nach genau dem, was ich brauch um was sinnvolles mit meinem 9500er zu machen) - UND ES FUNKTIONIERT!
">I was just watching the Sandra Bullock movie "The Net" the other day
>(don't know why, it's none too great) but I spotted a Director
>manual in one scene.
Yeah, funny, innit? I think that was Ver5. Director does get used in productions to allow boneheaded actors to bang on the keyboard randomly for 2.3 seconds and "hack" into some kind of "network". That particular movie is a particularly egregious example of the aforesaid."