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Sunday, Mar 17, 2002

"All Questions Answered"." - die slashdot discussion (mit einer liste von mirrors des pdf - http://slashdot.org/artic… -
"Question: You have been writing checks to people who point out errors in your books. I have never heard of anyone cashing these checks. Do you know how much money you would be out of, if everyone suddenly cashed the checks?
Knuth: There's one man who lives near Frankfurt who would probably have more than <,000 if he cashed all the checks I've sent him. There's a man in Los Gatos, California, whom I've never met, who cashes a check for http.56 about once a month, and that's been going on for some years now. Altogether I've written more than 2,000 checks over the years, and the average amount exceeds $8.00 per check. Even if everybody cashed their checks, it would still be more than worth it to me to know that my books are getting better."