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Monday, Jul 22, 2002

The scene: Milestones Restaurant, across the street from my workplace, today at lunch. I'm having eggs benedict with three other programmers. One of them, the chief software architect at a firm that provides data-mining software to Intel and several branches of the U.S. military, is talking about his supervisor. A: He's a smart guy, but fuck, is he annoying.
B: How so?
A: He's one of those guys who makes a point of reminding you how much smarter he is than you every five minutes.
B: [Mimics looking at watch] Oh -- five minutes three seconds! Time to crush you with my towering intellect!
A: I hate talking to him. You say anything that's not precisely right, and he'll always jump in and fucking correct you. No matter how insignificant the detail, he's always ready to one-up you.
B: I hate that.
A: And it's not just about architecture or coding -- it's everything. I think I once pointed out a red sportscar and he corrected me by saying "No, it's actually burnt orange, not red."
Me: How very pendantic.
B: Fuuuuuuck!
Me: You know, he sounds like a Lisp programmer.
A: Holy shit, man, he is! How'd you know?
Me: Uh, actually, I was just kidding.