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Wednesday, Jun 18, 2003

...Apple will be "shooting the wad" and releasing all items that have, at any time, been anticipated for release by the company.
"Things are insane here," said an Apple hardware engineer. "I've seen G5s, aluminum 15-inch PowerBooks, handhelds, video iPods, tablets, phones, crank-powered iBooks, set-top boxes and a couple of things I don't know what the hell they were.
"We're apparently releasing both G5-based and Intel-based PowerMacs. And AMD. And I think there's one that runs on the Strong Arm. I can't really remember anymore. It's all a blur."
Other technologies Apple is preparing to lift the kimono on are Taligent, Pink, CHRP and "a whole bunch of crap Sculley and Amelio talked about that never got past the Post-It note and balsa wood stage."