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Wednesday, Jul 13, 2005

mm - was wir brauchen is dsp mit max/pd/scribble like interfaces für webbasierte daten
wenn man deppert is und sein password für ibm developerworks vergisst:
You may have typed the wrong password
This userID may not exist
... If you are a resident of Italy, your password may have expired. Please back up and try again.
https://hat.dev.java.net/… http://www.alphaworks.ibm…
java -Xrunhprof:help
JAVA_OPTIONS="-server -Xrunhprof:file=heapdump.hprof,format=b"
http://www.caucho.com/res… http://java.sun.com/perfo… http://www-1.ibm.com/supp…
Ensure that the heap generations (NEW and PERM) are sized appropriately. Default values for MaxPermSize (Permanent Region) are often insufficient for applications. The Permanent Region holds class data and other very long lived resources. MaxPermSize (default 64MB) should be set to a quarter of max heap.
For example:
MaxNewSize, the Young generation is intended for short-lived objects where Java objects are created and age, from where they are collected without a Full garbage collection (GC) cycle. Young Generation (default 32MB) of the heap should be set to a quarter of max heap size.
For example:
http://www.borland.com/us… http://ejp.sourceforge.ne…