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!scribble-IMPORT user-guide

!scribble-import is a tool running within Director. To use this application, it has to reside in Director’s Xtras folder and is accessible by the user via the Xtras menu. After launching, !scribble-import runs within its own window.
To import a setting into a project the user has to follow five steps.
First, the user has to browse his harddisk and define !scribble’s location within the file-system. This is necessary to be able to import !scribble’s modules. The path is written to an external preference-file and therefore does not need to be redefined every time.
Second, it is necessary to select the file, to be imported.
To define which member the new sprite should be based on, the user has to select a member in one of his/her project’s castlibs.
Step four is to define the channel in which !scribble-import has to place the sprite.
After finishing the import, the sprite is placed in the score and all needed scripts were imported. A behavior was attached to the sprite, which instantiates and controls the motion and interactivity.