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By describing the current situation, it was shown that designers need new means to realize their ideas. The current tools did not prove especially useful for creating multimedia applications. The thesis describes Macromedia Director as a tool not suitable for experimentation with a user interface which doesn’t allow the creation of complex prototypes without any programming.
Tools which follow the principle of Programming by Example were described as useful for creating examples of interaction but none of them enabled the user to define multifarious motion.
!scribble got designed as an open and versatile tool to empower designers and to facilitate the workflow of creation and production within multimedia projects.
At the current state, the tool is ready for being used by other interested designers and programmers. Further improvements are about enhancing usability or adding additional features, but will not affect the interfaces needed for creating new modules or importing/exporting settings files.

In the few cases when !scribble was shown to people who have not been involved in the thesis its main concept and current version was commented as good and useful.
!scribble’s development will not stop after the thesis. Plans to add the described upcoming features exist and !scribble will be presented at some meetings of Macromedia Director related mailing lists.

The thesis showed the industry’s need for a fast and easy way of sketching ideas and provided a tool which is not just useful for creating some dummies but helps to express the designers’ idea in a prototype which can get reused without any additional programming within real-world projects.