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Tuesday, Apr 11, 2000

Yeah - finally it works! so after one hour of screendesign and some minutes of figuring out the way blogger works - it's here! but in fact much more important - http://www.wallpaper.com wallpaper is online

A day full of surprises - i finally got my marks from my exchange-semester of http://www.mmu.ac.uk "Design and Art Direction" in manchester and a letter from the tax authority (but also this letter wasn't that shocking).As you see i finally decided to write in English - especially for kurt the graphicdesigner sitting next to me (but in fact he wants to learn German - and he isn't that bad).The other thing i am not really sure about is the content of the site - but i think there's somethign like a main idea as you can see in the links section - YES it will be about the daily life of multimedia developers.