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Wednesday, Apr 12, 2000

the mailinglist of the director 8 beta test will be closed on friday - it has been a great source of knowledge and fun (thanks for the valentine presents!) - so i hope i'll gonna meet all the other participants in the next beta cycle or perhaps at a user conference

my beloved reader floritz doesn't know the really fabulous band http://www.diesterne.de "Die Sterne" - so here's the link - enjoy - and next time i'll come to schwaz - i'll bring you a CD ;-)

http://www.typograhic.com typographic- i really like typography (even tried typesetting in the old style once) - especially if it's moving

http://homepages.go.com/~… Do you need a cool new logo? Is your old logo lacking coolness? Well, why not join millions of other companies by adding a design element that screams cutting edge. - Add a Millennium Orbital Crescent Swish! a funny overview about varaitions of logo design - cause obviously there are really tons of "swish" logos out there - and the one and only cool swish is http://www.nike.com

http://www.cis.ohio-state… "Every host MUST implement an ICMP Echo server function that receives Echo Requests and sends corresponding Echo Replies. A host SHOULD also implement an application-layer interface for sending an Echo Request and receiving an Echo Reply, for diagnostic purposes." - if you've been ever thinkin' about PING (as is do at the moment) - here is an answer

http://www.doug.com - "the domain of the gods" "Hmmmmmm" you say to yourself, "I wonder if anybody's got a website named http://doug.com?"- no I haven't been wondering about that (in fact i was just searching for http://www.developernatio…