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Thursday, Apr 13, 2000

http://metalab.unc.edu/lu… - ok - i got it - it's a site about some strange and unknown tv-series - but telnet://yay.tim.org:5440 what's that? - a telnet game - probably a MUD - gonna test it out

http://metalab.unc.edu/lo… The Ball once again something on the web i am not really sure about - what is this guy doing - building balls out of aluminium foil? - is this a new hype or movement - and how can we alle get money out of this movement? - where is MS Ball 1.0 (in fact a cube - but you know MS has the right to innovate)

mm - life is beautyful!!!!!! - just tested out our new garden on the roof of our office.just leave your desktop, climb up a stair and you can sit down in the grass - tomorrow i'll take my powerbook with me - but in fact i am not sure about an ethernet plug - perhaps i should consider buying some airport stuff - gonna see

ok - finally i got it : "usage: killall -egiqvw -signal name …" and yes i should rethink my connection to real life - it took me several minutes to figure out why more or less naked men are shown on sites like manpages.net - so a new slogan: "WNU - world is not unix"

http://www.manpages.org Boom

Challenger: Identified with the sun, serenity, reason, and ideal otherness. my old theory "just type in the thing you are lokking for and concatenate something like .com doesn't work any more - i didn't found anything i've been searching for on this page - and by the way - don't try it in this case with .net or .com - but the big question isn't answered up to now - where do i find the manpage for the kill command?

http://www.heliozilla.com helios - a fullservice media agency and their nice website - obviously there's a big step towards real multimedia on the web going on - more and more websites are you using sounds (and not like this lousys midi soubnds like some years ago) - so what's coming next - smell? - OH NO!!!!!!!!

http://www.theregister.co… Customers afraid to visit Sun "We used to have cheap real estate outside of town that no one wanted to go to, especially late at night," admitted EMEA VP Robert Youngjohns. And with revenues currently growing at 27 per cent, Sun obviously has plenty of spare cash burning a hole in its pocket. - so we see - even a company which puts the dot in .com needs some nice office buildings - mm - so i should consider bying some real estate for my own company