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Friday, Apr 14, 2000

http://slashdot.org/artic… Computers in education are a hot topic these days.Some colleges require students to have computers, and it's doubtful you could get through college today without at least rudimentary computer skills
does it make sense for students to own laptops? in my case obviously it does otherwise i wouldn't have my neat powerbook - but i don't think that you can require it - first - laptops are expensive, students are poor (mostly),
second - there are more important things than computers - books and pencils - and these things are more important for your own creativity than a laptop

http://www.forrester.com/…Forrester Research Predicts The Imminent Demise Of Most Dot Com Retailers
ok - so the big hype is over:
"It's time to face facts: Online retail's honeymoon is over," said Joe Sawyer, senior analyst at Forrester. "The difficulties that firms like CDnow and Peapod now face will only become more widespread. Financial turbulence and new competition will dry up venture funding and accelerate the Dot Com shakeout as the year progresses."
Yes e-commerce is overestimated (it has to be - because even the Austrian chancelor has now visions about e-commerce and e-government) - up to now i just bought 2 books online - so what will be the future of commerce on the web? - i think B2B will be a big future (motor-industry is already doing it, aviation and military industry is planing it) - it won't be that visible on the web but it will produce vast revenues
a sideeffect of e-commerce is the growing importance of express-mail-services (see the new ads of the german BundesPost - featuring the amazon founder)

http://www.presstube.com/… and again a nice site - it's a nice way to present an exhibition of drawings - yes it's illustration time again

http://www.miamy.com miamy - a company from sweden is doing also nice stuff - fine illustrations (in retro style), some fonts and they are also doing stuff for http://www.lego.com