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Monday, Apr 17, 2000

http://www.useit.com/pape… Ten Biggest Thinkers of the 20th Century
Bugs Bunny - Showing what's possible when the laws of physics don't matter (I should probably have nominated the animation director, Chuck Jones, but I thought that naming the rabbit would be more in the spirit of going beyond the physical world).yes i know it's a little bit late for such things - but i liked it - some other nominees: le corbusier, einstein, eisenstein, turing …

http://www.amazon.de/exec… Raumpatrouille Orion - 2 DVDs
Duschköpfe in Position, Bügeleisen auf Volldampf und ab zu den äußersten Raumsektoren -- so begann 1966 die Fernseh-Science-Fiction in Deutschland-West in elegantem Schwarz-Weiss.
A SF series made in the 1960's in Germany - that means - unbelievable hairstyles, funny costumes, astonishing special effects and incredible scripts (and the music is amazing) http://www.kugele.de/home… see more

mm - thanks to sebi and telling me about ally my typos - oh my written english is a shame - perhaps i should concentrate a little more (and i hope that at least this posting is orthographically perfect)

http://slashdot.org/artic… Playing Games Behind IP Masquerade?
oh now they are beginning to discuss our real problems on slashdot - and what about icq? mm - perhaps i should play again with my linux box - i've been thinking about booting my suse at home but the i decided to try be os again