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Tuesday, Apr 18, 2000

http://dmoz.org/Computers… WOW - a new bookmark - tons of stuff about every topic (algorithms, AI, games, multimedia, os, robotics …)

http://www.oasis-open.org… another X thing ok i know xml, xsl …. but what's that - is it also some sgml-stuff - or something special - gonna have to ask chris or Seyfi.

http://macweek.zdnet.com/… good question what's happening with all the nice tools for the mac? - in the last years apple started to incorporate all the shareware ideas (suddenly we didn't need programm-switcher any more, default folder is also kind of obsolete) - but we can be sure there will be some flaws again ..

http://www.qnx.com/demodi… All you need is a 1.44M floppy! Just insert your disk, click on "Create a demo," and follow instructions.two new things in marketing opeating systems - a.) it's free (okay not that new) b) for testing or installing you don't have to format your loved harddisk - for be os you just needed some free HD-space and for qnx you'll need just a floppy - gonna test it out (but it's not that easy to find a good old 3.5" floppy disk)

hey - i'm logging already for a week! and i like it!and i am already planing to move it to a new URL and another server - the only thing i need now is a domain-name - and that's not that easy - most of my favourites are already sold - but feel free to send me suggestions - there could be something like a price for the best idea - gonna see …

http://www.penny-arcade.c… Penny Arcade Cartoons: The first one's always free :)
On UFMedia's page, though, you'll see every character he's got along with a complete list of their saleable characteristics.- what's that? a bad joke? - userfriendly is going the http://www.ufmedia.comcapitalistic marketing way? are they selling their figures for marketing purposes? - i'm not really sure but very surprised and shocked

vienna is getting mediterrean - the 15th district has changed from some small arctic village to a southern italian city (and not just the districts's italian embassy - also known as pizzeria "verona")

yes - weather is fine - that means more lunchbreaks on the roof of the office, no more wearing of heavy jackets and next week i get my bike to vienna - oh life's fine! (and starwars episode I on dvd is coming (in september))