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Wednesday, Apr 19, 2000

http://www.framtid.nu/ "Fortsätter vi på denna vägen, kommer vi så småningom till andra vägar." a thing i like to do is looking around on servers where i found funny things - and the main page of the "cookie-type" server is also interesting - especially if you like quotes in norwegian (at least i assume that it's norwegian)

http://bokstavskex.framti… - automatic biscuit image creator fonts made out of cookies! etienne (the artdirector) loves it

http://www.leica-camera.c… "Welcome to the official Homepage of Leica Camera AG, Germany." nice pictures but the navigation is quite bad (i didn't find anything useful about their affordable cameras) - and the http://www.leica-camera.c… others are far too expensive - ok so no new Leica - any tips for digicams?

you missed my regular postings today? - guess what - i've been working and I was productive (as usual) - but today it's the first time that the new (and final) framework of the actual application runs - so just some more days of finetuning and then i can start putting the other apps into the framework - so http://www.haus-der-musik… hopes are rising

a damn old pc with a broken fan - but everything works (on the other hand i am not that sure about it's security)