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Monday, Mar 19, 2001

"Should I use TIFF ? - It depends upon your particular needs."
http://home.earthlink.net… "The FDE program is an extended interface to the Fast and Dirty Expendables section of the Cyberpunk 2020© game system. It is simply an automated program which quickly generates these fast characters." http://www.moosh.net/cp20… "This web site contains Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 subroutines and functions that can be used to solve a variety of practical problems in orbital mechanics, including: Convert a calendar date to a Julian date, Convert a Julian date to a calendar date, Convert an ECI state vector to classical orbital elements Convert classical orbital elements to an ECI state vector, Convert geocentric coordinates to geodetic coordinates, Danby's solution of Kepler's equation, Kozai orbit propagation - ECI version, Kozai orbit propagation - ECF version, Two-body orbital motion - Shepperd's method, Two-body orbital motion - Danby/Stumpff method, First-order equations of orbital motion (J2 gravity), Ephemeris of the planets - Meeus algorithm, Ephemeris of the Sun - LPPF algorithm, Ephemeris of the Moon - LPPF algorithm, Greenwich apparent sidereal time, Trig, vector and numerical analysis utility routines." - das klingt alles nuetzlich und wunderbar
stefan: was is hailstorm?
chris: wissen nur wenige
stefan: ms vaporware?
chris: naja anscheinend nicht soooo vapor
stefan: was weiss man bisher?
chris: aufgebohrte version von messenger wird vermutet http://scobleizer.manilas… chris: voll interoperabel ... anscheinend eine recht komprehensive vision, wie apps in zukunft aussehen werden ...
chris: on va voir!
stefan: juhu